Virtual Conference Guidance for Poster Session Chairs

Accessing The Online Conference

As a session chair of ICAIIC 2023, you should receive an email to inform you of a valid account for the online conference website.

Now you need to go to the [online conference website] and sign in to enter the website.

Install Zoom

If you have not yet, install Zoom (

During Conference
Enter Zoom Meeting

To enter the Zoom meeting for the session you will be chairing, go to online conference website and the day and the session on the online conference website, and click the “Join Session” button.

Please try to enter the first Zoom meeting 10 minutes before the session is scheduled to begin, so that you have an opportunity to create your Badge, meet the student volunteer (with name [Name] (Volunteer)) assigned to your session, and discuss any concerns you may have.

Create your Zoom 쏝adge

When in Zoom, click Participants at the bottom (if using Desktop Zoom)

In the Participants pane, hover over your name and click 쏮ore

Click 쏳ename

Enter: [Your Name] (Session 2-B Chair)

During Your Session
Turn on Your Video

It is strongly recommended that you turn on your video in Zoom during the session.

Please unmute your microphone while answering questions.

Monitor the Zoom meetings

Go through all Zoom meetings and check if the authors are answering questions.

Please fill out the Session Report and email it to the TPC Chair.

Adjust Your Badge

Remove (Author) from your name to avoid any confusions in the other sessions that you will be attending

Enjoy the Conference!

Thank you for your service!

After Your Session
Submit the Chair Report

Please fill out the Chair Report file (ICAIIC 2023 Session Report) and submit it to via email in on-line or conference assistant in on-site.

ICAIIC2023 Session Report (TXT) ICAIIC2023 Session Report (DOCX)